In loving Memory of Devyn Bundy. 1985 - 2011

Devyn's family appreciates the stories, thoughts and prayers of both those who knew Devyn and those who've only heard stories about him.

Feel free to leave yours here and come back as often as you like.

Memories of Devyn


Joseph Chatman

Bonanza High school

February 20, 2012

I just found out you passed away, i'm very sadden to find out to this late, you where always cool in my book. I remember going to your house after school and having a blast with you and your sisters. On this day i will make sure I have a moment to thank god I got a chance to meet a soul like yours R.I.P


Nathaniel Holm

Family friend

February 18, 2012

I miss you brother! I always remember your smile and happy attitude. This world is not the same without you and I know I'll see you again... Please help God watch over all of us family and friends. Love you brother!


Brandy Dougan

Best Friend

February 5, 2012

dev . my love, i miss you soooo much !! i catch myself all the time just thinking about what you'd say if i were to call you right now with any problem or happy tidbit i happen to carrying around in my life and i will literally sit there and listen , almost as if i can hear you, to your kind words of wisdom or just some moral support to reassure me that im doing the right thing and that im staying on the right path. you were always my life guide, you truly helped steer my decisions on soo many of them that were life altering !! i can whole heartedly say that i would not be in this exact place as this exact person if it weren't for having you in my life in soo many ways. i always felt as though we had several different kinds of relationships, some days you were like my best friend, others you were the apple of my eye and kept love in my life. but no matter how you were contributing to my endeavors it was always 100% genuine! :) Thank You for sharing your life with me in more ways than one !! im eternally grateful to have known you , even if it was for too short of a time. i will always love you and i will never stop missing you !! i hope that i can make you proud and that all of those little conversations that i wished we could've had were exactly what you would've said. you will stay alive in my heart and in the hearts of all of the amazing people that loved you and still carry that love for you with them . :) i love you dev . xoxoxo


Matt Glynn


January 23, 2012

I miss you amigo. I’ll never forget our Science class together at NAU. I had remembered in the beginning seeing you in our lab a week earlier and thinking, “wow, this guy is just too cool for me.” And then go figure, one week later we happened to sit next to each other during the lecture hall and you had seen me pull out my phone and saw the background of it with my crazy inbred shih-tzu and you pulled out your phone automatically and showed me your equally pedigree challenged dog. From then on I felt so comfortable around you and I realized I had completely misjudged you. You were so friendly and engaging and I felt connected to you so instantaneously. I really enjoyed our time together. Pushing my scrawny ass to work-out harder at the gym, or ditching class to go play video games. Even after Flagstaff you kept me sane when I was broke and stuck at home. I looked forward to our daily contact even if it was from hundred of miles away... hearing about your job dealing with the crazy people at the nurse home screaming for ice cream, or what random crap you bought through QVC that day, or talking about backpacking Europe or taking a quick trip down to Mexico. I’m sorry that we were never able to do those things. The last time we saw each other was during your layover in Phoenix for maybe twenty minutes. I would have never bothered to go meet someone for such a small increment of time, but it was Devyn Bundy in town, how could I pass up the chance to see Devyn!? And thank god I did… I replay those last simple twenty minutes over and over again, along with all my other memories of you. I keep you in my thoughts constantly, and it hurts, but I never once want to forget you so I take the pain because if it means always having your existence in my life then it is essential. I love you.



Bonanza High School

December 17, 2011

Hi Devyn! It's taken me months to write this. It's impossible to understand why someone as wonderful as you left us all so early in life. I want to thank you for welcoming me to Bonanza when I was new to the city. You made me feel special, and I can't say there has ever been someone like you in my life since. I cry every time I visit your page, the emotion is uncontrollable. Although we had long since grown apart, I'm so grateful for my memories of you. Thank you.


Jorge Gonzalez

Best Friends

October 13, 2011

I miss you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



September 12, 2011

Happy Birthday my sweeet and loving baby...




September 12, 2011

Happy Birthday DEV!!! This is not an easy day.........You are so very missed. I feel like I should be able to call you and talk to you. Dev I love you so much, I miss your laugh and all of your little jokes and pranks, there's not a single day that goes by that you are not on my mind. I always wish we could have one last conversation, one more hug, one last laugh. It so hard to think, your not just a phone call away, and I have to be patient and wait. But I look forward to that day again, when I can just wrap my arms around you and tell you how much I love and missed you!! My baby brother, happy birthday. I love you.


Jorge Gonzalez

Best Friends

July 27, 2011

I MISS YOU....SOOOOOO MUCH......There are so many changes and things I want to tell you and when I go to reach for my phone I start to dial you and remember that you're gone. In my heart is where you stay and for that I am happy and it brings me much comfort. I miss hearing your voice and your stories of the day and or what is going on with you. I do get to see you ever so often in my dreams. I always look forward to when that happens. I love you and know your in the stars above when I look into the sky.


Brandy Dougan

Best Friend

July 26, 2011

dev . this has been by far the HARDEST couple of months ive ever endured nest to when we lost you ! i know in all the messages ive left you since you've been gone i always say i need you now more than ever!! but my current hardships obliviate all of my my past ones !! you have no idea how much my heart hurts just thinking about you! i need my confidant. my therapist, and my best friend !! i love you devyn! you mean the world to me && id give absolutely ANYTHING to have the chance to hear your voice just one more time !! life can be soo cruel sometimes. i know people (including me) always say "everything happens for a reason" & "what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger" ; but i just cant seem to make myself believe any of that !! ive just seemed to lose hope/ i dont want to put my future in the hands of fate! i want to choose how my life unfolds for a change!! thanks for listening to yet another one of my rants! i needed to talk to you and even if you wont be answering me but it bringd me comfort knowing that youre listening !! i love you sooo much little penguin!! forever && always !! xoxoxo


Brandy Dougan


July 10, 2011

ive been thinking about you a lot lately !! i have this really huge thing going on in my life right now and i wish more than anything that you were here to talk me through it alll !! i could use some of your crazy input !! i miss you soo much babe!! ill always miss you and ill always love you !! youre forever in my heart !! xxoo


David Jones

Best Friends

June 24, 2011

Hey buddy. I miss you a lot bro. Every now and then you pop up in my head and the good times we always had that made us laugh like crazy and smile. I am doing the corrections deal now and I have gotten a lot of good breaks and managed to get out of some situations safe. It always makes me wonder if you are looking out for me up there. Who knows right. Only you do now. I include you in my prayers every day before going to bed in hopes that you are hearing me and remember that you are never forgotten. Gone but never forgotten buddy. Miss you.



May 19, 2011

Hey Dev. I keep dreaming about you. In my dreams you are trying to tell me something and you get so frustrated that I don't know what you are talking about. I always wake up right before I figure it out...... I miss you



my best buddy

May 16, 2011

Hey buddy. Every time I catch a lucky break lately I keep thinking you're up there looking out for me! Its never going to be the same without you. I miss you, but I know you've moved on, and you're in no pain. That gives me the greatest comfort. I'll be in touch homes.


Jorge Gonzalez

Best Friends

May 11, 2011

Hey Devyn. Well I cant believe its almost summer time and how time is going by. I so wish that we would be able to hang out like we always did. I am glad that I get to see you in my dreams though, they remind me that you are still around. I have gone to see you several times and last week I went with Chie. It was nice to be there with chie and you, we talked and reminisced about you and all the memories we had. Chie told me about a time when you, chie, me, david and chris chilled. You asked Chie,"How did you learn to walk in heels so good, did you practice when you were little?" I started cracking up because that is something you would ask. :) I remember the time you and David called me one night and asked what I was doing and where I was driving? I was like, "what are you talking about?" Then upon returning home Chie and I were talking and you and David came into our house wearing "SCREAM" masks and scared the living poop out of us. Haha, I miss all those fun times. You always made me smile and I just wanted to tell you how much I miss you and think about you all the time. You are missed by so many people. I want to thank you for bringing me and chie back together as friends. You always said that we should be friends, you always had a way of bringing people together and for that I am thankful. I wish I could go back to December when we got to hang out and talk and enjoy eachothers company. Love you and miss you more than words can describe. Love Always and Forever, Jorge :)




May 6, 2011

Hi Dev. I dreamt about you again last night. But this one was the best because it turned out that you hadn't really died. And you thought I was silly for even believing it in the first place. I wish that was really the case. But at least I still get to see you every night when I go to sleep. I love you so much...




May 1, 2011

Hey Dev! It has taken me a long time to write. It's impossible for me to understand why someone as special as you is no longer here. The Devyn I knew made the world a better place. You were so kind to me, never in a hurry, and I felt so lucky to know you. People like you are so rare, and I'll never forget how truly beautiful you were. I hope that in some way, you can still continue to be there for the family and friends that depended on you. Perhaps just as important, I hope you are still able to feel how tremendously loved you are. I don't know the story of what happened or why you left, but the only thing that matters now is that you rest in peace. I am thankful for the opportunity to have known you. I hope that your friends and family finish the site and I'm happy I have somewhere to go to remember you. Love always, Sarah.


Jorge Gonzalez

Best Friends

April 15, 2011

Devyn...I miss you more than you can imagine. I have yet to have the kind of dream that I want, mostly of you and I hanging out late at night. Talking and laughing and you telling me a complete random story that means absolutely no sense, then I ask you, :what are you talking about?" Then you of course do your unforgettable laugh. "Your so silly!" was always your closing line. I miss you and love you very much. Im glad we got to hang out in december. I will always cherish that. I was reading your text messages to me the other day and they were so touching. Its like you were right next to me talking, you typed how you talked. :) haha. I will be by soon to visit you, Ive already been several times. I feel your presence and you give me signs every day that your near by. The other day, at work, I checked in a couple and they were from Las Cruces. I was like wow, small world...Plus that very same day, I helped a guest and needed his birthday, and guess what it was September 12...;) Anyways I just want you to know that I love you and miss you more than words cant express. I stare up at the stars all the time and wish you could physically be next to me to look at them and talk about our future and how we would be when we are old. Love you;)



April 13, 2011

Man i know you love this website all about you !! I miss you so much,Been dreaming alot about you lately.. Sometimes I feel like you never left that you'll still be here.. You are in my dreams.. I miss you always making me laugh and are crazy conversations late at night cuz we couldn't sleep I miss our talks about the future and where we think everyone wil be in 10 years I miss you asking me if I thought you were the best looking guy I've ever known or in the family lol I miss you little brother and can't wait to see u again <3


Brandy Dougan


April 3, 2011

hey babe, i went to the cemetery the other day to visit you! i brought you some penguins to keep by you! :) lol you have noo idea how much i miss you! i catch myself thinking about you constantly and getting all sentimental! i just hope you know how much i care about you! i guess i feel like i never truly got to express that to you! i miss our 4 hour conversations on the phone! and you calling me just to check on me and make sure im doing okay and am not completely engulfed by my pain! you were always so kind and caring towards me. even from the beginning, when it was mostly all about flirting and seeing how absolutely cheesy you could be! :) lol i miss everything about you. there's not a single person left in my life that contributed in such a powerful and positive way the way you did! nobody understands what its like to live in constant pain, but you did. i never had to pretend with you, or fake anything. it was always soo real with you! and i hate that ill never have that again! i know youre looking out for me in some way! i miss you devyn! and ill always love you! <3<3 xoxoxoxo ill come back and see you again soon kk! :)


Kelli Gastineau-Rausch

Las Cruces New Mexico we met in Real Estate Class

April 1, 2011

Devyn was such a great kid. I met him in class and we studied our tests together. He came and met my family and he spent a Holiday with us. He knew that I was from the City and moved to Cruces from somewhere else. He loved people and all people all ages, all shapes all colors he did not jugde he truly loved. He told me all kinds of great stories about his family and how awesome they were. He wanted for my family to come to Vegas and meet his!! Dev you are and always will be one of a kind!! SIncerely, Kelli




March 31, 2011

I miss you so much and think about you everyday.. I love you.


Jorge Gonzalez

Best Friends

March 20, 2011

I have a poem for you:) I miss the times when you were here telling me to have no fear To hold my head up high and strong add happy notes to my sad song I miss the way you look at me As if I were too blind to see The path I’m on might hurt and scathe But all goes well if you just have faith I miss the sound of your sweet voice Through bitter times a saving noise That told me what was right and wrong But rang in my ears for far too long A caring person, you were such That helped and hurt me, oh so much You’d guide and mislead me through the day You left me lonely when I’d rather you stay Over things like that you had no control A rock set in motion will continue to roll No matter how hard you tug and heave You were always pushed and forced to leave Then one day you never returned My tears so hot they almost burned Aware now about what I lack But crying and mourning wont bring you back For me to let out what I need to say I can’t do much more than pray No longer am I weak, my hearts quite strong From adding a happy chorus to a sad, sad song Source: Gone, Forever, Lonely Poems


Jorge Gonzalez

Best Friends

March 20, 2011

Hey Devyn. I miss you tons!! I wanted to get advice from you the other day because you would always give me the most straight up honest opinion. Ill have to go ask you sometime this week. I miss you and cant wait to see you in the future. You are truly missed by everyone, we all want to say and and let you know we are thinking about you. Love you always and see you soon, I have some pretty flowers im gonna bring to you. :)



Best Friend

March 20, 2011

Dev - I remember like it was just yesterday that we were just hannging out eating our favorite meal at the time, Jack's Tacos. We were discussing our relationship pasts, friends, and everything in between. In particular we discussed that when we got older and both got married and had kids that we would always live somewhat near each other and have our family's connected with friendship. It is hard to realize that we won't truly be able to share something similar to that ever. I know that you will be able to look down and check in on me every so often as you always would. It still won't be the same though. Gosh it is so hard to write this still man. I remember that we discussed that if anything ever happened to either of us that we wanted people to gather and remember us for the impact we had on there lives. You got Dev. It was beautiful brother. As soon as I saw it I knew that you were looking down and smiling because it would make you happy to see everyone together again. Just sad it had to be this way. I remember that you told me that if anything ever happened to you that you wanted me to always make sure your family was prtoected and ok. You always were protective. Just know that I will. I still feel guilty that I wasn't there to help you in your time of need. It just brings tears to know that I won't ever see you again man. I remember when we would go paintballing with Brad. I remember all the pranks that we would pull on different people all in good fun of course. I miss our talks. I remember our trips to California. I remember the Zoolander look. We always laughed with that movie. I remember the first day we met in Bonanza cheer. You had to teach me a dance routine. I remember cheer camp. Gosh. I pray for you every night. Just know that someday we will see each other again and I will have a huge amount of stories to share with you. Hopefully a life time full of stories. I would greet you with a hug buddy. Be at peace brother. Your memory lives in all of us. It isn't fairwell. More like see you later. I know you are an angel now brother. Just know that I will always be proud of you.




March 19, 2011

Dev- There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you or miss you. Its still hard to even think of you as not being here, not getting to see that smile, or having you there when all six of us can get together. Ill miss all our laughs, talking about "the culdesac", all the times you cooked us dinner from your "own recipe book" and it always tasted sooo good! growing up with you, playing games with you, talking to you about the kiddies, there is so much Ill miss so many things. You are truly an amazing guy, my little brother. I love you so very much.... If tears could build a stairway and thoughts a memory lane I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again No Farewell words were spoken No time to say good-bye You were gone before I knew it And only God knows why. My heart's still active in sadness And secret tears still flow What it meant to lose you No one can ever know. But now I know you want us To mourn for you no more To remember all the happy times Life still has much in store. Since you'll never be forgotten I pledge to you today A hallowed place within my heart Is where you'll always stay. God knows why, with chilling touch, Death gathers those we love so much, And what now seems so strange and dim, Will all be clear, when we meet Him. I Knew you for a Moment if tears could build a stairway



friend since elementry school

March 19, 2011

devyn i know we did not leave on great terms but u will always be missed and i will always remember the good times we had i miss u buddy an



March 19, 2011

Hey Devyn, this website is for you, I know you'd love it since you were always the center if attention. I miss you soooooo much. I know your in a better place and everything unjust wish we could hang out all the time. The other day we had a super moon, the closest it's been to earth in like 20 years. I soo desperatley wanted to call u and have u meet me at red rock or my. Charleston so we could see it together, everybody else would have thought it was a crazy idea, but not you, you would have been there with me in a heartbeat...I miss you and love you and think about you all the time. ;)




March 19, 2011

You always had a smile on your face and brought joy to every room you entered. You will always be remembered and cherished!


Aunt Teri

My nephew

March 19, 2011

I always remember Devyn with a huge smile on his face!



My brother

March 19, 2011

I miss you so much .. You were an amazing brother,son and friend you will always be cherished in my heart... I know you are so much happier now but I wish I can be selfish and have you back... I love you little brother I cant wait to see you again <3


allison carney


March 19, 2011

I will miss all the crazy laughs!! You will be missed so very much! Love you!


Jeff Claeson


March 19, 2011

Just about have this new site ready to go. Hope you like it.